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Pollution Hotline

Pollution Incidents

Are those incidents which cause or have the potential to cause material or serious environment harm. 

Pollution Incidents requiring urgent attention should be reported via Pollution Hotline 1800 064 567. The Pollution Hotline is a one-stop shop for public reporting of pollution incidents requiring urgent attention.

This is a 24 hour free call service.  Calls are directed immediately to a 24 hour on-call Authorised Officer of the Waste Management and Pollution Control Act via a call centre. 

Environmental Nuisance

Noise, dust, odour and smoke are generally low level pollution incidents and may be described as environmental nuisances.  Environmental nuisances are generally considered complaints.  To facilitate the resolution of complaints the following guides are available:

Complaints are managed in accordance with the Environmental Operations Unit Complaints Management Process, which can be downloaded below:

The factsheet provides a stepped process in the resolution of complaints beginning with discussion and mediation.   It recommends keeping a log of all events including time and duration of nuisance and steps taken to resolve the issue. 

Environmental nuisance complaints are submitted in writing, using the prescribed form,  to:

Environmental Operations
NT Environment Protection Authority
GPO Box 3675
Darwin NT  0801

Agency Referrals

Often what is considered a pollution incident or an environmental nuisance is not and may be better dealt with through another mechanism.  A list of common concerns and the appropriate managing agency, is available to download below, to assist in a more timely resolution of the concerns. Contacting the relevant agencies directly will ensure the Pollution Hotline is free to attend urgent pollution incidents. 

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