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NT EPA approves Guidelines for consultation

Media Release: 15 February 2013

The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) held its first meeting in Darwin on 29th and 30th of January 2013.

The inaugural meeting was the first opportunity for the six members to meet each other and the Minister for Lands, Planning and the Environment, the Hon Peter Chandler.

The agenda resulted in approval of the NT EPA’s membership procedures and processes, community engagement strategy and policy, compliance and enforcement policy, and the organisations media policy. Fact sheets relating to environmental impact assessment, public exhibition timeframes for a draft environmental impact statement, and register of qualified environmental auditors were approved. These documents will be placed on the NT EPA web site.

The following Guidelines were also approved for consultation with respect to:

  • the preparation of economic and social impact assessment
  • environmental assessment of acid and metalliferous drainage
  • environmental assessment of marine dredging
  • assessment of impacts on terrestrial biodiversity
  • mixing zone guidelines
  • environmental offsets and associated condition approvals
  • assessment requirements for proposals submitted under each of the Planning Act, Pastoral Lands Act, Mining Management Act, and Petroleum Act
  • emissions for incinerated hazardous and medical wastes (excluding municipal and chemical waste)
  • dust in urban environments
  • conceptual site models

The Chair of the NT EPA Dr Bill Freeland said public consultation on these matters will commence after minor revision and consultation and discussion with appropriate government agencies.

The NT EPA endorsed on-going work on amendments to the Environmental Assessment Act, Waste Management and Pollution Control Act and Environment Protection (Beverage Containers and Plastic Bags) Act. These will be introduced for public consultation over the coming year.

Dr Freeland said the members were briefed on a number of additional matters, including the NT Planning Commission.

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