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Roper Bar Iron Ore

Western Desert Resources

Western Desert Resources Limited (WDRL) is proposing to construct and operate an iron ore mine and transport facility within the Roper Bar Iron Ore Province, located in the Gulf Region of the Northern Territory.

This project has been determined to require formal assessment under the Environmental Assessment Act at the level of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). It has also been determined to be a "controlled action" under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC Act) (Department of Sustainability, Environment, Populations and Communities (SEWPAC)) and agreement was reached that the project be assessed under the bilateral agreement.

Assessment Report

Assessment Report 70  (PDF | 2.3Mb)

Supplement to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Supplement to the Draft EIS


Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Draft EIS Chapters and Appendices

Final Guidelines for an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Final Guidelines for EISpdf 315 Kb

Notice of Intent

Alteration under Clause 14Apdf 504 Kb
Notice of Intentpdf 3.3Mb
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