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Scheme Coordinators

There are five Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) Coordinators: NT Coordinators, Envirobank NT, Statewide Recycling, NT Recycling Services and Marine Stores.

The CDS Coordinators have arrangements with collection depots across the Territory.  Coordinators are working with businesses in a number of areas to establish collection depots that will provide reasonable access across the Territory.

The network of depots is expected to expand as the private sector and the community grasp the business and fundraising opportunities.

The role of CDS Coordinators is to work with the Collection Depots and industry to recycle, reuse or appropriately dispose of the CDS materials. It is at these Collection Depots where Territorians can receive 10 cents in return for each eligible container.

CDS Coordinators

NT Coordinators Pty Ltd
Contact: Tim Alver
P: 08 8376 0555

Envirobank NT Pty Ltd
Contact: Narelle Anderson
p: (02) 8207 0188 or 0414 538 622

Statewide Recycling
Contact: Richard Byerlee
p: (08) 8341 2511

Northern Territory Recycling Services Pty Ltd
Contact: Leon Schulz
p: (08) 8947 2721 or 0437 321 307

Marine Stores Pty Ltd
Contact: Garry Bull
p: (08) 8443 9737 or 0417 861 194
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