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Location: Level 2, Suite 201, The Avenue, 12 Salonika St, Parap

Postal Address: GPO Box 3675, Darwin NT 0801

Fax: 08 8942 6554 



08 8924 4218

Pollution Hotline

(for reporting Urgent pollution incidents requiring urgent attention)

1800 064 567

Pollution Control

08 8924 4218

Waste and Resource Recovery08 8924 4218

Environmental Assessments

08 8924 4218

Container Deposit Scheme

1800 752 632

Air Quality08 8924
National Pollutant Inventory08 8924
Environment Grants08 8924
Due Diligence Requests 08 8924 4218Complete the Due Diligence Request form and forward to

The following items form part of the information contained on the Public Registers as per the Waste Management and Pollution Control Act and the Environmental Assessment Act, available on the NT EPA Website:

  • Environment Protection Approvals
  • Environment Protection Licences
  • Plans for Environment Management provided to the NT EPA in accordance with the Licence
  • Compliance Plans
  • Pollution Abatement Notices
  • Incidents notified to the NT EPA as per section 14 of the Waste Management and Pollution Control Act
  • Environmental Assessment projects (EIS and PER)
  • Requests take a minimum of 10 working days to complete after receipt.
  • There is no fee required for this service.
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